You've got great ideas. I've got great strategies.

When you put them together, magic happens.

Are you ready to turn your passions & purpose into profit - but not sure how?

This comprehensive guide will walk you step-by-step through the process of:

  • Identifying your niché and God-given message

  • Creating your own proprietary digital product that meets the needs of your target market and

  • Developing a marketing strategy to generate income

If you’re just getting started or you're feeling stuck ... this guide will take your business to the next level and help you achieve all your goals!

Making $$$ while you're sleeping or off living life!
Are you ready to dive in and kickstart cashflow?

Instagram and I had a love/hate relationship as I tried to figure out how to not just get views and followers but build an engaged community who trusted me to help them and bought my digital products.

It wasn't pretty, but I figured it out, and now I will teach you how to grow your 'Gram and make sales in less time.

This training will share with you my 30K in 30 Days IG Growth & Sales strategy so you can run with it in your business!

Do you have the vision & desire to take your online business to $1M+ in revenue, without burnout and with as much profit as possible?

But you know you need more than a DIY course. And frankly, you're sick of buying a bajillion courses, programs, and mentorships promising big success that really weren't the right fit for you as a busy mom.

How do I know? I am you!

Which is why I know you want access to a program that leaves nothing out and that offers personalized support from someone who gets you (as a fellow seriously busy mom) and will meet you where YOU are at and hold your hand every step of the way.

If building an online business is more than just a good idea or an option to you and you're ready to top wasting time, leave your mistakes and past failures behind, and commit to turning your God-given calling into a fulfilling and financially free career THIS YEAR, you're in the right place.

The MMA will give you an All-Access Pass (with Lifetime Access!) to the same proprietary, step-by-step, business growth framework we use here at the MMP to help you monetize your passion, stand out online and make daily passive sales in part-time hours.

... AND it's the only place to work directly with me. You can join me each week for LIVE hot-seat coaching calls to get every single question answered and personalized support.

Wondering what tools / resources I personally love and use to make thousands of dollars in sales online in part-time hours as a busy mom?

What I use to build an e-mail list on autopilot❔

  • Who I trust for the legal side of business❔

The easiest tool to sell on social media❔

My Amazon must-haves for business❔

There's no secrets here. I'm happy to share.

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